About Bavaria 35 Match

35Match was designed by Doug Peterson. His goal with the design was to create a top performance IMS racer that still could be used for family cruising at vacations and weekends. Not a brand new idea, but Bavaria required a competitive price picture, without call off from design quality. the boat need to be able to handle the hard Spar tensions and also need to have optimized sail performance.

Assumptions were made to design with low freeboards, deep keel , high  spar,tall water line, pure quality equipments (Harken etc). Long Main traveller. Huge main sail and genoa for racing and jib for cruising. That was the idea.

Doug Peterson team produced 3 prototypes before they were satisfied and the final dimensions were decided. The dimension increased from Loa; 10:45 B 3:50 --> final 10:79 and beam of  3:27. The cockpit layout also optimized during this time

Therefore the production-boat is very rigidly designed for tough times at sea (with laminate stringers, galvanized cross beam to handle rig tension, handmade sandwich design with divinycell as distance material etc) with awesome sailing performance as a result.

The boat is put under headline "Performance cruiser".

In IMS circuit team reach several top 1 places and the boat type is the boat for Swedish Match Tour since 3 years. The boat speed is high with a high trim optimization potential but still really easy to sail acc to its LYS measurement of 1,29 (valid for 2006 season).




The 35match  has had some different configurations since the launch of the model as listed below.

  Mk I Mk 2 (2005) Mk 2 (2006)

2,0 meters
1900 kilos. Straight keel for optimized height in upwind's.


Bavaria released a new keel in end of 2005, for optimizing acc to IMS-2006. They could add weight without losing handicap.

2,0 1900 kilos in early 2005 models. In later models increased weight to 2100 kilos with a bulb and slightly swept backwards. Bavaria Yachtbau sponsored the changing of keels to the new one in order to increase competiviness within IMS. 2,0 meters 2100 kilos

Length 5250mm

The slightly longer boom is to reach an optimized angle for main tailing.

Sail measurement is exactly the same

Length 5000mm

It is believed that the length between the Mk II 2005 and 2006 are slightly different (about 5 cm) but that the actual sail length is the same.

Length ?

Outhaul changed from a sledge running inside the boom to a nylon band holding the sail close to the boom. Same outhaul system.

Masts Sparcraft Rod rig with slightly thinner profile compared to Selden for optimized speed potential. Seldén Rod-Rig with the forestay at far forward as possible. Furlex above the deck. Selden Rod-Rig with the forestay moved aft about 10 centimeters and the Furlex brought down under deck.
Interior (wood) Traditional interior with lot of mahogny. Lot of lights reaches the saloon Lighter interior (some early 2005 found with traditional interior) Same interior as MK 2


About Keels...

In april of 2005 there was, unfortunately, an accident with a 42match in the Adriatic where a crew-member tragically died due to the boat loosing its' keel.

This, one, incident resulted in great impact in media. It is important to point out, though, that this incident happened on a 42match which has a completely different keel from the 35match.

The 42match and 38match came with very extreme keels (deep dagger keels with little corda). The 35match does not come with as deep keels with small cordas as the 42 and 38 model.

The 42match and 38match yachts have since been fitted with reinforcements around the keel fittings to deal with the problem and it should be safe to sail with these yachts today.